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floridaYou have just gotten a new job as an insurance agent and after leaving a clients house you are in a bad car accident. You had turned into traffic and been hit by a speeding driver that illegally crossed over an intersection hitting your car and causing severe damage. You both survey the damage and while he is on the phone with the police, you contact your personal attorney. Your attorney can help you with minor details from the time of the accident that will save you money. The first order of business is to have your car towed to a mechanic of choice by the car accident lawyer or to an impound lot for storage until an insurance agent can estimate the damage. Both choices can be very costly if you do not use ones specified by the attorney to ensure their costs are covered on your claim and you will incur out of pocket expenses if you make the arrangements on your own.

Because your shoulder and arm feels injured and is causing you pain, the attorney also recommends you go to the hospital immediately which will also insure that your medical costs are covered under your claim and may free you from having to pay co-pays which will be included in the claim. You can have your injuries assessed quickly to determine how badly you are injured and set a treatment plan for recovery. If you had waited to go to the doctor on your own later, you would be responsible for co-pays and filing the forms with your health insurance company and then transferring everything to your attorney. Also, if you wait to be treated for your injuries, they could become more bothersome and require extra treatment than if you had addressed them immediately.

An Attorney Can Have You Back to Work Quickly

You use your car to go from appointment to appointment, meeting new clients and securing new accounts. Without your car, you cannot work so you will have to look into getting a rental which can be very expensive and the out of pocket costs could put you in the hole. If you call an attorney directly after an accident, they can supply a rental car for you with no out of pocket costs and the fees will be charged to your claim and paid once your claim is settled. You can be back to work as soon as the next day with no worries about having to pay for the rental and loosing daily income. You will also have the option of picking which vehicle you prefer as your rental, it could even be nicer than your old car.


Let the Attorney Handle All of the Paperwork

When you are in a car accident, there are a lot of forms and necessary documents which creates a pile of paperwork for you to muddle through. Your attorney can take care of all of the paperwork you will need to be filed for your claim. They will have medical documents and bills sent directly to their office or copies can be sent directly from the doctor’s office by fax or email. They will forward all necessary items to the courts and the opposing insurance companies or to the lawyer of the person who had caused the accident if they have chosen to be represented legally. All of your paperwork worries are under control and you will only need to sign a few documents for your attorney.

Acting quickly after a car accident and contacting an attorney can save you a lot of money, time and frustration. Their quick actions and expertise in the field can solve a lot of problems and help you to avoid excess charges that you may have incurred if you had not contacted your attorney right away. They begin working for you the minute you get them on the phone and after the initial interview to outline your case. Providing a valuable legal claim is important to receive the maximum compensation available for your settlement and to have your claim resolved quickly.